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Why Open a BV Company in the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Why-open-a-holding-company-in-the-NetherlandsThe Netherlands is a very attractive European country for doing business in. Investors come here because of the flexible taxation system and the innovation capabilities the government supports to mention just a few of the attributes the Netherlands has to offer.

Most foreign businessmen deciding to open companies in the Netherlands choose the private limited liability company (BV) because of the benefits it offers. Below, our Dutch company formation agents explain why you should choose the BV when registering a business here.

The BV is the most popular type of Dutch company

One of the main reasons for choosing the BV as a business form is its popularity. As mentioned above the BV shortcut comes form private limited liability company which is known as LLC in countries all over the world.

Among the characteristics of a Dutch BV, we remind the following:

  • - it only requires one shareholder who must be registered with the Dutch Companies Registrar;
  • - the minimum share capital for setting it up is 1 euro, a measure which was adopted a few years back;
  • - the liability of the shareholder is limited to the amount of money he or she has invested in the company;
  • - the company requires at least one director, however one of the shareholders can fill this position;
  • - the company registration procedure is quite fast due to the minimum documentation required.

We offer company formation solutions in the Netherlands and if you are interested in registering a BV we can help you.

Common facts about the BV company in the Netherlands

In order for you to understand why you should open a BV in the Netherlands, here are a few common facts about this type of company:

  1. It is possible for the Dutch BV to be registered remotely, meaning the future owner is not required to travel to the Netherlands for the first steps of the company registration process;
  2. The shareholder of the company can be a natural person or another company, local or foreign;
  3. The BV can be used for several purposes, among which for trading reasons or as a holding company;
  4. The taxation of a Dutch BV as a startup can bring several tax deductions, reduction or exemptions;
  5. The BV company is the most suitable option for those interested in changing business forms, as the sole proprietorship can be easily transformed into a BV.

If you still wonder why you should choose the BV as a business form in the Netherlands or need support in registering it, please feel free to contact our local consultants.



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