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Updated on Wednesday 03rd August 2022

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The Netherlands is known as the largest logistics centers in Europe as it also has two of the largest ports on the continent: Amsterdam and Rotterdam. During the years, some of the largest companies in the world have established their regional headquarters here which has led to the opening of smaller business which concluded contracts with these multinationals. These small businesses also needed to have registered addresses as a condition imposed by Dutch Company Law and this is how the virtual office came to life. A Dutch virtual office, in Amsterdam or other city, is a business location which allows companies and business owners to carry out their activities remotely. Many foreign investors choose to have a virtual office in Amsterdam, the well-known Dutch business center. 
 Quick Facts  
Address availability (YES/NO)


Local phone number (YES/NO)


Company registered address use possibility (YES/NO)


Mail collection and forwarding option (YES/NO)


Meeting room availability (YES/NO)

Yes, with reservation a few days in advance

Virtual assistant option (YES/NO)


Uses of a virtual office

- legal address for company registration,

- contact point in another city,

- contact point for sole traders and businesspersons

Documents required to acquire the service

Contract provided by the seller

Customized services availability (YES/NO)


Availability in one or more cities

Yes, availability in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague, Eindhoven, etc.

Timeframe to acquire the service (approx.)

Approx. 2 days

Employee required

Not mandatory, but available

Availability of other services


- bank statement collection and forwarding,

- access to office space with prior reservation

Minimum rental period

One month


- simple and fast acquisition procedure,

- service that requires no maintenance,

- availability in various cities and business centers

The holding company is one of the most popular types of business form in the Netherlands and a virtual office in Amsterdam is one of the best solutions when it comes to having a registered address.
Our Dutch company formation agents can assist foreign investors who want to set up holding companies here and need a virtual office in the Netherlands.
We can also assist those interested in obtaining a virtual office in the Netherlands by facilitating access to such services.

The virtual office and the Dutch legislation

The virtual office in the Netherlands itself is not defined by any Dutch laws, however, the concept exists, and it is one of the most important facilities offered to those interested in registering companies in the Netherlands, but do not have a legal address for their businesses.
As a general definition, the virtual office can be described as a remote office or location used by companies or businesspersons interested in having a place where to receive correspondence and other important documents without renting an actual physical space, which usually turns out to be more expensive. It is important to note that even if used remotely, the virtual office is an actual place in which only the services are offered at distance.
Our company formation advisors in the Netherlands can offer more information on how virtual offices work in this country and they help you open different types of companies, such as STAK in the Netherlands. They can also help you have a virtual office in Amsterdam. 

The uses of a Dutch virtual office

The Dutch virtual office is usually employed as a legal address when opening a company in the Netherlands and as a part of the company registration procedure. It is also very common for local companies to use virtual offices in Amsterdam, in order to keep in contact with customers and business partners in a certain region of the country.
The virtual office in the Netherlands can be used for several purposes, among which:
  1. as a registered address when starting the company registration procedure in the Netherlands;
  2. as an address where existing or potential clients and business partners can ask for information on certain services;
  3. as a contact point for foreign companies and investors who do not have a local Dutch office yet;
  4. as a business address for foreign enterprisers who act as sole traders in the Netherlands.
With a vast experience in company formation in the Netherlands, our agents can help foreign investors during the incorporation of business with the Trade Register.

Virtual office service packages in Amsterdam

The first and perhaps most important service clients can benefit from when obtaining a virtual office in Amsterdam is the business address which can be located in some of the most important business centers in the country. The good communications infrastructure also allows Dutch companies to benefit from state-of-art services like:
  • -  dedicated local phone number with voice mail and fax services;
  • -  high-speed internet connection which will enable the client to get in touch with clients and business associates without any worry or interruption;
  • -   mail collection and forwarding services to any address specified by the client;
  • -   bank statement collection and forwarding services (service offered on request);
  • -   meeting room services provided that the room is booked a few days ahead;
  • -   a prestigious address in a recognized business center of the client’s choosing.
Our company registration consultants in the Netherlands can offer more information on the services attached to a virtual office in Amsterdam or other Dutch town.
You can read about our virtual office services in the Netherlands in the scheme below:
How to obtain a Dutch virtual office

The virtual office and the representative office in the Netherlands

Often, the virtual office is mistaken for the representative office in the Netherlands, however, the differences between them are many. The most important of them is that the representative office is covered by the Dutch Company Act and is seen as an extension of a foreign company in the Netherlands. In comparison to it, the virtual office cannot be considered an extension, as it is a service.
The virtual office can serve as a legal address for company registration in the Netherlands, while the liaison office is an actual entity which can complete various marketing activities and represent the services offered by a foreign company.
The representatives of foreign companies interested in setting up liaison offices in the Netherlands can rely on us for such services.

Why obtain a virtual office in the Netherlands?

The virtual office is much cheaper than a traditional office space considering it can be located in some of the most renowned business centers in Dutch cities. Apart from that, the virtual office is fully equipped with modern equipment, so clients will also save money on buying these machines and even on hiring a person who answers the phone. Also, the Dutch virtual office services are customized to the client’s needs, therefore if you have any additional request you can simply ask our local agents.
There are various advantages linked to a virtual office in Amsterdam, among which the ones related to the costs which are usually lower compared to renting a traditional office; however, the virtual office can be obtained for the desired period of time as established by the buyer and the service provider.
Being a service, the virtual office comes with other advantages too, among which facilities in obtaining connected services for a short period of time which can imply a few hours or a few days. Among these services, we mention the use of conference rooms for meetings.
The virtual office is based on a contract under which the services are established by the buyer and the service provider, considering a Dutch virtual office usually comes with various services attached. Usually, the buyer will be able to choose between several services.
Other advantages related to obtaining a virtual office in the Netherlands are related to the maintenance costs, or better said the lack of maintenance costs, as there no fees imposed related to phone, electricity or internet bills. The only aspect to be considered as a separate cost is the rental of the conference room.
The video below shows how to obtain a virtual office in the Netherlands:

FAQ on the virtual office in the Netherlands

The virtual office is not a new concept, as there are many companies in Europe and the rest of the world providing for such services. In the Netherlands, the virtual office is quite popular especially among young entrepreneurs opening startup companies.
Below, we present you a few answers to the most common questions related to the Dutch virtual office:
1. Is a Dutch virtual office expensive?
No, the virtual office is one of the cheapest services available in the Netherlands when used for registering a company.
2. Can I obtain a virtual office in any Dutch city?
Virtual office services are usually available in large cities, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.
3. Are virtual offices subject to any tax?
No, virtual offices are subject to taxation in the Netherlands.
4. Can I use a virtual office even if I have a company in the Netherlands?
Yes, you can still obtain a virtual office if you have registered a company in the Netherlands.
5. What are the average prices for a virtual office in the Netherlands?
The monthly price of a virtual office with us starts at around 75 euros.
For personalized virtual office services in the Netherlands and information about how to start a business in the Netherlands, please contact us.
*Please note that we can inform and assist you in housing or registered office matters, but we do not provide the actual services (in-house) as part of our market entry services. We are not licensed to perform both Housing as Market Entry services, and we are primarily focused on the incorporation and market entry of your company.


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