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The Minimum Share Capital for Opening a Dutch Company

Updated on Tuesday 26th March 2019

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The minimum share capital for opening a company in the Netherlands will depend on the chosen type of business structure. Thus, when setting up some types of partnerships investors are not required to make a mandatory minimum capital deposit, while for corporations, namely the public limited company, this contribution will be a substantial one.
Company formation in the Netherlands is a simple procedure that can be accomplished in a few simple steps by local and foreign investors alike. Paying attention to the requirements for a minimum share capital is only one step when forming a company and the costs associated with starting a business will also include other expenses, like those for registering the company and notary or legal fees as needed, just to name a few.
Our team of agents who specialize in the incorporation of partnerships and corporations in the Netherlands can give you complete details about the costs related to opening a business, starting with the minimum share capital.

Minimum share capital according to business structure

The list below includes details about the minimum share capital for different types of business structures:
  1. Sole trader: a minimum share capital is not required; this is a simple business form with generally low start-up costs.
  2. General partnership: also no mandatory share capital; the partners jointly contribute for the purpose of establishing the partnership.
  3. Limited partnership: minimum share capital not required; both the general and the limited partner can contribute to the share capital.
  4. Private limited liability company/BV: a minimum of 0.01 euros in cash or in kind; a low minimum capital requirement advantageous for investors.
  5. Public limited liability company/NV: 45,000 euros minimum share capital; because it has the highest minimum share capital, this business form is recommended to medium or large companies.
The types of legal entities presented in this table do not include all of those available for incorporation in the country. For more detailed information about all of the types of companies, please reach out to our team who specializes in company registration in the Netherlands

What are other costs for company formation?

Apart from the minimum share capital applicable to corporations, investors who open an NV or BV will also need to pay the registration fees which are approximately 50 euros. This fee also applies for the types of partnerships that are registered with the Commercial Register belonging to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. For example, the limited partnership needs to comply with this registration requirement.
Other costs for opening a company in the Netherlands will be those associated with purchasing or renting an office space or purchasing virtual office services. The costs for equipping the office will also need to be taken into consideration. This is a cost that may be reduced in some cases when investors can work via a virtual office. This way, they can save costs for equipping the office.
Business-specific costs will also apply according to the need to acquire specializes equipment. Investors can also include the notary costs for drawing up the needed documents or statements as well as translation costs for opening branches in the Netherlands or for attaching a certified translation of some of the required documents.
You can find out more about the costs for company formation in the Netherlands form our team who offers complete services to investors.

What are the main steps for opening a company in the Netherlands?

Paying the minimum share capital is a step that is preceded by several others when opening a company in the Netherlands. The process starts by choosing the type of company (which will also determine the need to deposit the minimum share capital or not). Next, investors need to choose an available name and then open a corporate bank account. The minimum share capital will be deposited in this account and the proof of payment will be included in the registration documents.

How long does it take to open a company in the Netherlands? 

Both the private and the public limited companies can be incorporated in approximately ten days, although this process can be faster in some cases. For the purpose of shortening the incorporation time, investors can make sure that they gather all of the needed documents and that they pay the relevant fees so as not to postpone the registration.
Our team offers complete services for company incorporation in the Netherlands. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the approximate costs for company formation or some of the most important requirements when opening a business. 

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