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Startup Costs in the Netherlands

Updated on Monday 14th January 2019

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Startup-costs-in-the-NetherlandsStarting a business in the Netherlands is simple and easy nowadays, however, there are a few aspects which need to be considered. Among these, the business startup costs are very important especially for foreign investors deciding to open companies in the Netherlands.

The costs associated with opening a business in the Netherlands depend on several conditions, among which the chosen type of company and the documents which need to be prepared. Our company formation specialists in the Netherlands have prepared a guide on the startup costs of a business. We also offer complete business registration services in the Netherlands.

The main costs associated with starting a Dutch business

The Netherlands ranks 36 in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report for 2019 which is a pretty high position in relation to this country’s size. One of the reasons the Netherlands ranks so high is the relatively low costs associated to starting a company here.

When opening a company in the Netherlands, one must consider the following startup costs:

  • -          the drafting and notarization of the documents need to register the company;
  • -          the authentication and notarization of various documents which need to be translated when the shareholder is a foreign citizen;
  • -          the business registration fees which need to be paid with the Companies Register;
  • -          the costs associated with applying for various business licenses and permits;
  • -          the share capital of the company can also be considered a startup cost.

If you plan on starting a business here and need guidance, our Dutch company formation agents are at your disposal with information about the formalities you need to fulfill, especially if you are a foreign investor.

How much does it cost to prepare a Dutch company’s incorporation papers?

The first costs which need to be considered when setting up a new business in the Netherlands refer to the preparation of the company’s statutory documents. These are represented by the Articles of Association of the company which need to be drafted and notarized. They must be prepared by a civil notary and the costs for this procedure depend on the city the company will operate in and on whether the notary imposes a flat fee or an hourly rate.

In the case of foreigners opening companies in the Netherlands, the translation of certain documents could be required, therefore these too should be included in the startup costs. These, too, will need to be notarized.

The business registration fees in the Netherlands

Once the documents have been prepared, the future business owner will need to consider the company registration fees imposed by the Dutch Trade Register. The following fees need to be considered:

  • -          the trade name reservation which is now free of charge;
  • -          the registration fee which is set at 50 euros at the level of 2019;
  • -          the registration with the tax authorities which is free of charge;
  • -          the fee of the registered agent completing the incorporation procedure, where applicable.

It is recommended to use the services of company formation agents in the Netherlands in order to avoid losing time and money with incomplete and incorrect paperwork.

The share capital of a Dutch company as a startup cost

Most people will consider the share capital which needs to be deposited as the first cost which needs to be associated with starting a business in the Netherlands. Even if choosing a private limited liability company implies no minimum share capital requirements according to the Dutch legislation, the foreign or local investor will need to calculate the amount of money they will need for the commercial activities of the company.

In the case of Dutch public companies, the law imposes a minimum share capital of 45,000 euros.

Other costs related to starting a Dutch business

Apart from the costs mentioned above, the future business owner must also consider other costs such as the opening of the corporate bank account which is subject to a specific fee based on the bank the investor decides to work with.

Also, in case additional services, such as a virtual office which can be used as a temporary registered address for the Dutch company, are needed, these costs must also be factored in as startup costs. If not, renting a traditional office will be required, however, this option is more expensive.

The last cost related to starting a company in the Netherlands is related to the fees for obtaining specific business permits and license in accordance with the industry the business will operate in.

If you plan on opening a Dutch business and need information about the startup costs, do not hesitate to contact us. We remind you that we offer full company registration services in the Netherlands.

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