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Start a Business in the Netherlands as a Foreigner

Updated on Wednesday 29th September 2021

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Start-a-Business-in-the-Netherlands-as-a-ForeignerThe Netherlands is one of the most welcoming European countries. With a taxation system that favors those who decide to relocate here and become residents and the competitive and efficient business environment, setting up a company here can be a good option for both persons who have small ideas they want to work around, but also for those who have plans for large operations, not to mention for foreign enterprises seeking to expand their operations.
Starting a business in the Netherlands as a foreigner has many advantages for the entrepreneur as an individuals and investor and the procedure is quite simple. We invite you to discover it below, explained by our Dutch company formation agents who can also help you with its registration.

Steps for starting a business in the Netherlands as a foreigner

First of all, you should know that if you decide to open a company in the Netherlands as a foreigner is that you will have the same rights as any other local investors. However, you need to respect one additional step if you want to live here.
Here are the steps to complete when setting up a business in the Netherlands as a foreign entrepreneur:
  1. applying for a resident permit (the Netherlands has several advantageous residency schemes for persons not exempted from this requirement);
  2. choosing a legal entity under which you will operate the company (the Company Law is permissive with foreign investors);
  3. reserving the trading name based on a previous verification with the Trade Register;
  4. preparing the incorporation documents (drafting and notarization) of the company;
  5. filing the documents with the Trade Register (tax and VAT registration also enter this phase);
  6. registering as an employer and obtaining the business license(s) in accordance with the sector of activity.
Other important aspects to consider when setting up a company is to have a legal address in the Dutch city you decide on and setting up a bank account (this step is the one you need to pay most of the time to).
If you decide to open a company in the Netherlands, you can rely on out specialists in business registration for support during the entire procedure.

Residency options for foreign entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

While EU and EEA citizens can travel and settle in the Netherlands without being requested to apply for a residence permit, in the case of non-EU and non-EEA ones, work and residence permits can be obtained.
However, if you want to start a company in the Netherlands as a foreigner you have the following advantageous options:
  • - the self-employed entrepreneur permit;
  • - the startup visa.
While the self-employment entrepreneur visa can be obtained based on a score system, the second one is a one-year validity residence visa dedicated to entrepreneurs seeking to start companies in the Netherlands, more specifically startups.
No matter the option you decide for, our Dutch company formation representatives can advise you on how to obtain residency here and benefit from the advantages offered by the government.

Choosing a legal entity when setting up a Dutch company as a foreigner

An important aspect when starting a business in the Netherlands as a foreigner is to choose an appropriate business form. By far, preferred by local and foreign investors who operate here the private limited liability company, also known as the Dutch BV is a great option no matter the size and activity you want to undertake. Moreover, you can also use it if you want to create a startup in the Netherlands.
The requirements for registering such a legal entity are quite flexible enabling you to be the sole owner and director and is also subject to a favorable taxation system, not to mention if you decide to become an employee and obtain the tax deductions offered by the government.
If you want to open a company in the Netherlands as a foreigner this is the moment to do that, and our officers can help you.

Why open a company in the Netherlands?

The fact that the Netherlands is a member state of the European Union is sufficient because it enables them to obtain EU residency, the country’s infrastructure, advanced economy and the taxation system are important aspects that should be considered.
In terms of taxation, here are the highlights that could interest you the most:
  • - the corporate tax rate in the Netherlands is applied at two rates – 20% and 25%;
  • - when hiring foreign employees, companies can obtain a 30% tax deduction;
  • - the personal income tax rates range between 36.6% and 51.75%, however, tax deductions are in place and are very advantageous.
If you want to start a business in the Netherlands as a foreigner, do not hesitate to contact our representatives for support and advice.


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