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Set up water technology company in WestHolland

Updated on Thursday 14th April 2016

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Set up water technology company in WestHolland.jpgWestHolland is an important industrialized central region in the Netherlands. The Dutch have learned to transform dirty water into pure and healthy one using advanced technology, thus, reintroducing the "used" water back into the network. The continuous development that exists in the WestHolland market is one of the facts that attracts foreign investors to come and set up a water technology company in here. There are approximately 2,000 companies set up in the Netherlands – 1.500 in water technology and 500 in delta technology.

Licenses and permits needed for setting up a company in WestHolland

As a foreign investor, if you want to open a water technology company and run activities in surface or ground water, firstly, you will need a water permit (watervergunning). This is required for:

- discharging waste water on the surface water;
- extracting groundwater;
- running activities near buildings/constructions;
- building structures for storing the water;
- filling in waterways.

You can apply for a water permit whether online or written.

How to open a water technology company in WestHolland

Currently, many foreign investors choose to invest in WestHolland by opening a water technology company here.

If you want to act now and form a water technology company in WestHolland, you have to take into account several things. Firstly, you will have to gather the articles for the association and the specimen signatures, complete the forms and bring the copies of identity documents of those who will run the business. You will need a public notary for the company setup operation. Also, you must have a bank account and, after the registration of the company, you should hire an accountant.

How to register a water technology company in WestHolland

When opening a water technology company in WestHolland there are required some steps that you need to follow. 

•    First step is choosing the name for the company and verifying its uniqueness. The name will be reserved and you will also receive a certificate for it;
•    Next, a bank account must be open so you can deposit the minimum capital share if required;
•    The deed of incorporation of the company should be executed by a notary, signed and drafted;
•    The registration at the Chamber of Commerce is compulsory and can be done online or in person. Thus, you will obtain your registration number;
•    Last but not least, you must register with the local tax authorities and social security authorities.

With the help of our agents, in a couple of weeks, you can open a water technology company in WestHolland, so feel free to contact us. The water innovation sector in WestHolland has many investment opportunities, so you should invest in a safer water future.


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