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Set Up a Dutch Plumbing and Ventilation Business

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Company-formation-in-Eindhoven.jpgEnterprisers who want to start businesses in the Netherlands have many options, as this country is one of the most open states in Europe and the European Union when it comes to entrepreneurship. From companies in tourism, IT, research and development and green energy, the Netherlands also offers incentives to those opening companies here.

One of the most prolific business sectors which has emerged in the last few years in the Netherlands is air conditioning and plumbing, as the number of householders requesting remodeling services has increased.

Those who want to set up plumbing and air conditioning installation services companies must comply with certain regulations. They can rely on our Dutch company formation agents for assistance with the registration of the company.

Regulations for plumbing and air conditioning companies in the Netherlands

The registration of a business which offers plumbing and air conditioning installation services in the Netherlands is straight forward and does not need any special licenses. Those who want to start such company must first choose the type of structure and register it with the Trade Register. Following that, it is necessary for the company to hire specialized personnel.

All Dutch companies providing plumbing and air conditioning installation services to comply with the Standard Building Specifications. Also, the Netherlands has enabled certain energy performance standards which companies supplying ventilation and plumbing services must adhere to.

Licenses for Dutch plumbing and air conditioning businesses

Even if there is no special license to be obtained upon the registration of a plumbing and air conditioning installation company in the Netherlands, permits are required from the municipality for every work completed. This license must be obtained prior to starting any work.

All plumbing and ventilation systems installed in commercial or residential premises in the Netherlands must also comply with the fire prevention regulations imposed at national and EU levels.

For full information on starting a business for the supply of plumbing and air conditioning installation services in the Netherlands, please contact us. We remind you that you can rely on us for assistance with the company registration process in the Netherlands.



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