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Set Up a Company in the Aviation Sector in the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Set-up-a-company-in-the-aviation-sector-in-the-NetherlandsAs an international distribution center, the Netherlands has one of the most developed infrastructures in the world whether we are talking about air or road transportation. Opening a company in the Dutch aviation sector with the purpose of offering passenger or commercial air transportation services falls under the Aviation Act which was adopted in 1992. The Dutch Aviation Law provides for:

  • -          hiring specialized personnel;
  • -          aircraft registration;
  • -          the control of air traffic;
  • -          the establishment of airports;
  • -          the military aviation system.

The Netherlands has also signed numerous conventions related to international air transportation. Our company registration agents in the Netherlands will offer more information on these treaties.

Registering a company in the aviation industry in the Netherlands

Before applying for the special licenses and permit for activating in the aviation sector, one or more enterprisers or companies must register a business with the Commercial Register in the Netherlands. The Dutch company formation process is easy and fast and can be completed within a matter of days. Our company formation consultants in the Netherlands can handle this process on behalf of the owners through power of attorney.

Licenses for Dutch aviation companies

After the company registration is completed, the Dutch company is allowed to buy aircrafts which must be registered with the Public Registry. The Netherlands also allows an operator to lease aircrafts in order to carry out its activities. Once this step is completed, the aviation company will be required to obtain a license issued by the Ministry of Transportation.

Companies in the aviation industry in the Netherlands must also conclude insurance policies which depend on the capacity of each aircraft.

The pilot license in the Netherlands

Pilots working for aviation companies in the Netherlands must also obtain one of the following licenses:

  • -          a national pilot license;
  • -          a commercial pilot license;
  • -          an airline transport pilot license;
  • -          a multi pilot license;
  • -          a private pilot license.

It should be also noted that according to most Dutch double taxation agreements, air transport activities are exempt from taxation in certain situations.

For more reasons to open a company in the Dutch aviation sector, please contact our company formation agents.


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