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Selling Tobacco in the Netherlands

Updated on Saturday 11th November 2017

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Selling-Tobacco-in-the-NetherlandsTobacco products can be purchased in most types of stores, specialized tobacco shops and in gas stations in the Netherlands. However, there is no official register for Dutch tobacco retailers. The main legal framework regulating the sale of tobacco products in the Netherlands is the Tobacco Act. This law provisions the places tobacco cannot be sold in and the types of companies not allowed selling tobacco. Also, the Netherlands is part of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control from 2005.

What are the regulations for selling tobacco products in the Netherlands?

The Tobacco Act (Tabakswet) has designed a set of regulations for Dutch companies selling tobacco and products derived from tobacco in the country. The Tobacco Act sets out the following rules:

  • - retailers may sell tobacco to individuals of legal age of 18 and above;
  • - retailers must clearly display the legal age for selling tobacco products;
  • - proof of identity must be requested to certain citizens in order to establish the legal age;
  • employees of Dutch companies selling tobacco products must be at least 16 years old,
  • - companies are not allowed to advertise tobacco products in the Netherlands,
  • - tobacco products may not be given for free by companies.

You can also watch our video on selling tobacco in the Netherlands:

Other forms of selling tobacco in the Netherlands

The Tobacco Act also allows selling tobacco products by online companies in the Netherlands. Online companies must publish a list with the tobacco products and their prices without recommending any product and they are also required to verify the client’s age.

Tobacco products may be sold through vending machines only if:

  • - the machines are locked,
  • - the machines are indoors and can be supervised by the company’s staff,
  • - the machine can be unlocked only if one can make sure the products are not sold to minors.

Dutch companies selling tobacco and tobacco derived products are required to select the appropriate NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities) codes. The correspondent NACE code for manufacturing and selling tobacco products in the Netherlands is 16.00 for the manufacturing of tobacco products under Section D.

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