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Open Dutch Business for Repair and Maintenance of Ships

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Yacht-Boat-registration-in-the-NetherlandsThe Netherlands is one of Europe’s largest maritime trading hubs. Home to two of the most important business centers on the continent which also serve as maritime hubs which connect Europe with the rest of the world, starting a business in the maritime industry in the Netherlands can be very rewarding.

Foreign investors can set up various types of businesses in Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the maritime industry, among which the most needed ones are companies which offer repair and maintenance services for ship and boat owners. It is useful to know that the Dutch boat-repair sector is the second largest in Europe.

Our company formation consultants in the Netherlands can help with the registration of a business for repair and maintenance of boats and ships.

Requisites to set up a Dutch boat/ship repair and maintenance business

The company registration procedure is the most important step when creating a business for the repair and maintenance of ships, boats and yachts in the Netherlands. The process is simple and is not subject to any particular requirements, however it is essential for the Dutch company to have qualified personnel in order to succeed and offer a wide range of professional services. From this point of view, the Netherlands has one of the most skilled work forces in the European Union.

Our local consultants can assist with the company formation procedure of the Dutch company.

Services offered by vessel repair and maintenance companies

Dutch companies in the ship repair and maintenance industry are specialized in offering some of the most modern services. Among these are:

  • -          installation of equipment onboard ships and boats;
  • -          cleaning services with the use modern and high-tech equipment;
  • -          carpentry;
  • -          harboring services during the winter season;
  • -          maintenance and repair services for the equipment on ships and boats.

All these services must be offered in accordance with the maritime legislation in the Netherlands which provides for the use of certain materials and machines.

If you want to open a company for offering vessel repair and maintenance services in the Netherlands, do not hesitate to contact our local advisors who will help you with the company registration process.


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