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Open an IT/High-Tech Company in WestHolland

Updated on Wednesday 22nd February 2023

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Open-an-IT-high-tech-company-in- WestHollandWestHolland is one of Netherlands’ most developed regions in which the IT and the high technology sectors are among the most successful. Foreign investors wanting to open a company in the Netherlands and deciding for the WestHolland region will find great opportunities in the IT industry.

 The IT sector in WestHolland

WestHolland has earned the name of “Telecom Headquarters of the Netherlands” during the last years because of the investment possibilities the IT industry offers to foreign enterprisers and companies establishing subsidiaries or branch offices here. Many foreign companies have their European headquarters located in WestHolland. Among the most developed branches of the IT industry in WestHolland are:

  • -          IT security,
  • -          mobile and game development,
  • -          the IT infrastructure sector.

The Hague Security Delta is a program under which foreign investors are invited to open IT companies in WestHolland

Opening an IT company in WestHolland

International investors can set up one of the following types of companies in WestHolland:

  • -          limited liability companies (Dutch BVs),
  • -          holding companies.

Foreign companies ca open branch offices in WestHolland. The registration procedure is the same for all types of companies and in order to benefit from fast incorporation proceedings you can request the services of Dutch experts. Depending on the activity to be undertaken, the Dutch IT company will also be required to apply for a special license.

Setting up a business in the Netherlands is quite easy. As a matter of fact, the procedure can be completed in just a few days. If you are looking for specialized services in order to start your operations as soon as possible, you can contact us. Our specialists are at your service with complex business registration solutions.

Licensing options for high-tech companies in WestHolland

High-tech companies operating in WestHolland must apply for different types of licenses with the Department of Post and Telecommunications or with the Radio Communication Agency, according to the Dutch Media Act. The following types of licenses are available for WestHolland IT companies:

  • -          public telecommunications services license,
  • -          internet communication service license,
  • -          broadcasting license.

High-tech companies will also be required to apply for a license for using certain frequencies for their broadcasting services.

If you need help in opening an IT company in WestHolland, do not hesitate to contact us.



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