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Open a Travel Agency in the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 06th December 2017

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Travel agencies in the Netherlands are a good business option for entrepreneurs who want to start a company in this country. The Dutch travel agency industry is well developed and offers many development opportunities and niches for companies.

travel agency in the Netherlands needs to comply with the same regulations for doing business as any other company and the incorporation procedure varies according to the type of company the owner chooses to set up. Our company formation agents in the Netherlands are ready to help you open a travel agency in the country.

Tourism in the Netherlands

Tourism is an important part of the Dutch economy. Every year, millions of foreign tourists choose to visit the small but charming country near the North Sea. The Dutch share borders with important countries in the European Union, like Germany to the east and Belgium to the south, and many tourists come from neighboring countries, especially because the transport infrastructure between these countries is very well developed. 

The Netherlands means the “Low Country” and this flat landscaped small country managed to construct itself in a way that dealt with natural impediments. While North Holland is the most popular touristic province for tourists, South Holland follows closely on the list of touristic preferences. The country has seven World Heritage Sites and it is popular because of its rich artistic and historical heritage. 

You can find out from the video below the main steps to set up a Dutch travel agency:

Steps for registering a business as a travel agency in the Netherlands 

The first choice when deciding to open a company in the Netherlands is choosing the appropriate business form. The available types of companies in the Netherlands are: 

  • -  private limited company,
  • - public limited company,
  • - general partnership,
  • - limited partnership,
  • - branch,
  • subsidiary.

Each type of company has its own particularities and requires a different minimum share capital. Also, investors should be aware that the liability of the shareholders can vary according to the type of company. Branches and subsidiaries are generally suited for foreign companies that want to open another operating unit in the Netherlands.

Every new Dutch company needs to be registered at the Dutch Company Register and afterwards it must be registered for VAT purposes. Our company formation specialists can help you with the formalities and take care of the incorporation procedure.  We can also offer further assistance regarding hiring employees in the Netherlands.

How to become a travel agent in the Netherlands

Not only Dutch companies may offer services related to the sale, resale and transportation of tourists, but also individuals may become travel agents in this country. In order to become a travel agent, one must have certain qualifications and register with the Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (ANVR). The Association provides the rules and regulations related to carrying out activities as a travel agent. Among these rules are:

  • -       informing clients about the packages and services they offer;
  • -       the rules on traveling in the Netherlands;
  • -       signing travel agreements with the customers.

Travel agencies in the Netherlands can also sign up with the Travel Compensation Fund in order to have an insurance related to the services they offer. Also, in order to gain more credibility, Dutch travel agencies and tour operators may also obtain IATA (International Air Transport Association) accreditation. In order to do that, travel agents must comply with certain requirements and file an application.

Our company formation firm in the Netherlands offers services related to company formation as well as accounting services. Please contact our Dutch company formation agents for more details. 



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