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Open a Recruitment Company in the Netherlands

Updated on Thursday 14th April 2016

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Recruitment companies in the Netherlands can be found in all Dutch cities. These can be Dutch companies or they can be branches opened by international recruiting firms. A Dutch recruitment company can offer specialized services or general services for all types of businesses in the Netherlands. Their role is increasingly important as the Netherlands is becoming a more attractive business location and a preferred option for employees who want to relocate.

Professional help for filling vacancies

Recruitment companies in the Netherlands have an important role in filling job vacancies and they can provide valuable help both to the job seeker and the company looking for the candidate. Recruitment agencies can provide various services and they can even specialize in a certain niche or business field. Alternatively, such a company can provide general services, for any business field in the Netherlands. 
Job seekers have a better chance of finding a job that will suit their requirements and expertise if they request the services of a specialized agency. The experts are the first to hear about new job openings and they have access to valuable information. Recruitment experts will know how to pair the employee with the company so that they are both satisfied.
Because the Netherlands is a country that has a highly diverse and very qualified workforce, small and large companies often need the help of a recruitment agency to hire staff. Entrepreneurs who want to open a recruitment company in the Netherlands need to observe some basic steps for company incorporation.

Steps for opening a Dutch recruitment company

Firstly, business owners need to choose what type of company is best for their needs. This choice can be made based on the future plans for expansion, the number of business partners or shareholders and even on the minimum share capital available. Our Dutch company formation experts can offer you personalized advice and help you incorporate the chosen type of company. Alternatively, foreign investors can open a branch or a subsidiary in the Netherlands.
Any company in the Netherlands needs to be registered at the Trade Register and also be registered for VAT. The incorporation procedure is straightforward and includes:
- choosing and checking the availability of the new company name,
- opening a bank account for the company,
- depositing the minimum share capital,
- drawing up the necessary documents.
Recruitment agencies in the Netherlands can work for international clients or local Dutch companies looking to access the talented pool of candidates. For more information about doing business in the Netherlands, please feel free to contact our company formation agents.


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I have had a very good collaboration with the specialists in company registration from They answered to my requests rapidly and they managed to open a company in just a few days after I had sent all the required documents for my clients.

Cristian Darie, Partner of
Darie, Manea & Associates
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