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Open a Merchant Account in the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 06th December 2017

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Open-a-merchant-account-in-the-NetherlandsForeign enterprisers coming to the Netherlands have many investment opportunities. Some of the most profitable ones include the financial and the retail sectors in Netherlands. One can set up financial companies which can offer banking services, including the establishment of merchant accounts. Speaking of merchant bank accounts, they are very important for online companies which need them to process the payments made by their customers.

It is quite simple to set up a merchant account in the Netherlands, considering most the of banks and financial companies offering this service have branches all over the world, therefore reaching customer is possible from every corner of the world.

Our company formation agents in the Netherlands can offer more information on the financial industry in this country.

How to create a merchant bank account in the Netherlands

Dutch and foreign companies are welcome to open merchant accounts in the Netherlands in order to service their clients here. If in other parts of the world creating merchant accounts can be quite expensive, it is not the case of the Netherlands where many companies and banks offer merchant account services, and thus providing competitive offers and fees to possible clients.

Whether you operate a Dutch online business or a traditional company and need to offer your customers credit or debit card payment methods, you can open a merchant account with only a few documents. Among these, information about the company and an application form which is personalized by each bank or company offering the account.

Why open a merchant account in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has one of the largest market shares in Europe when it comes to online sales, therefore the merchant account is more of a necessity rather than an option in this country. This has determined Dutch companies offering online payment solutions to enhance the safety of both clients and their customers’ merchant accounts. Also, there are many banks offering this type of account which can be accessed remotely.

For assistance in opening a merchant account in the Netherlands, please contact us. We can also assist those interested in opening a company in the Netherlands.


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