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Open a Financial Company in the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 22nd February 2023

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Open-a-Financial-Company-in-the-NetherlandsBanks and other financial companies in the Netherlands fall under the governance of the Financial Supervision Act, as well as under all related EU Directives. The following types of financial companies can be set up under the Dutch Financial Supervision Act:

  • -          investment funds,
  • -          asset and fund management companies,
  • -          insurance companies,
  • -          dealers and brokerage companies.

All these types of Dutch companies are subject to specific licensing requirements, according to the services they provide.

We can also help you with starting a business in the Netherlands. Our agents have acquired a lot of experience in the years they have helped clients and can offer tailored solutions based on the information you send them via email. We can also get the process started before you come to the Netherlands, if you are a foreign investor.

Licensing requirements for opening a Dutch financial company

The licenses for financial companies operating in the Netherlands are issued by the Authority for Financial Markets (AFM). Banks operating in Holland are required to obtain their licenses with the National Dutch Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank, DNB). The Dutch AFM and DNB will issue licenses for the following types of financial activities:

  • -          providing advice on financial products,
  • -          providing advice and other services related to collective investment schemes,
  • -          providing management services for alternative investment companies,
  • -          offering credits and loans,
  • -          providing investment services,
  • -          providing insurance services or operating as an authorized insurance agent,
  • -          providing clearing activities under the form of audit companies.

Documents required to start a financial company in Holland

There are several steps to open a financial company in Holland. The first step is to register the company with the Dutch Companies Register and then submit an application with the business plan with the DNB or the AFM. After the DNB or the AFM approves the business plan, one must prepare and submit the following documents:

  • -          a Declaration of No Objection,
  • -          an application for a license for the specific activity to be undertaken,
  • -          an application for authorization to operate in Holland,
  • -          an application for authorization to act as payment institution, if applicable.

Considering there are various application forms to be submitted depending on the type of financial company to be registered, it is best to verify exactly what documents must be prepared. You can contact our Dutch agents for assistance is preparing the necessary paperwork for opening a financial company. We can also help you if you need a software for recovering double payments that may occur at your company. 


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