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Open a Dutch Business for Selling Food,Beverages and Tobacco

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Establish-a-company-in-the-FMCG-sector-in-the-Netherlands.jpgRetail is one of the best industries to invest in the Netherlands thanks to the high purchase power of the population, however there are also other attributes of this sector which makes is suitable for starting business. Among these are the developed infrastructure which makes it possible for companies to bring a wide variety of products and the large number of global manufacturers with establishments in the Netherlands.

Enterprisers can choose to open FMCG businesses in the Netherlands through which they can sell various products. Among this variety of products, Dutch companies usually choose to sell food, beverages and tobacco, as these are the most requested.

Below our company formation agents in the Netherlands explain the requirements for selling food, beverages and tobacco products in this country.

Dutch company formation in the retail sector

The sale of food, beverages and tobacco must be done under a commercial entity, which is why the first step will be the registration of a company with the Trade Register in the Netherlands. Following that, the business owner must prepare the premises for the sale of such products in accordance with the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority’s requirements.

Dutch companies must also have a safety plan for the products they sell which must be prepared in accordance with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulations. The retailer must also make sure the products they sell are properly labeled.

Our company registration agents can help those interested in setting up a Dutch shop for the sale of food, beverages and tobacco products.

Selling tobacco in the Netherlands

The sale of tobacco is possible in shops in the Netherlands, as long as the business owner complies with some requirements. Among these are:

  • - restrictions for selling tobacco to minors which must be clearly displayed;
  • - the employees selling tobacco must be at least 16 years old;
  • - the advertising of tobacco products is prohibited, unless the shop is located in a designated place.

For full information on the sale of food, beverages and tobacco in the Netherlands, please contact our local representatives. You can rely on us for the company registration process of a Dutch retail business.


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