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Open a Company in the Construction Sector in the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Open-a-company-in-the-construction-sector-in-the-NetherlandsThe Netherlands is one of the prolific economies in Europe, according to the latest surveys. The fact that Amsterdam has become one of the most attractive cities for setting up a company in, but also for large corporations seeking to establish regional headquarters for the whole European area has transformed the construction industry into one of the most developed sectors of the country’s economy. Foreign investors are also welcomed to open companies in the construction sector in other major cities and regions of the Netherlands.

Our company registration agents in the Netherlands can offer information on the requirements to set up a construction company.

The Environmental Licensing Law in the Netherlands

The Construction Law falls under the provisions of the Civil Code in the Netherlands, however there are also other laws with which construction companies must comply. One of these laws is the Environmental Licensing Law which provides for the rules a Dutch construction company must respect on building sites. The law covers the following:

  • -          the actual construction of the property;
  • -          exemptions for the area planning if there are certain conflicts between the project and the area to be built on;
  • -          demolition of existing sites;
  • -          construction on green areas.

Our Dutch company formation consultants can offer more information on the Environmental Licensing Law and can also assist with the registration of the construction company.

Licenses for construction companies in the Netherlands

After the company is registered with the Dutch Companies Registrar, it must apply for certain licenses which will allow it to carry out construction works. Companies in the Dutch construction sector may apply for the so-called all-in-one license for physical aspects which includes the following:

  • -          the actual construction license;
  • -          the demolition permit;
  • -          the exemption for the zone planning;
  • -          the environmental license;
  • -          the renovation license;
  • -          the nature conservation permit.

It should be noted that additional licenses and permit could be required depending on the work to be carried out.

For assistance in setting up a company in the construction industry, please feel free to contact our company formation representatives in the Netherlands.


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