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Open a Business for Selling Textiles in the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Change-a-sole-proprietoship-into-a-BVThe Netherlands is one of the most prolific economies in the European Union, which gives it a great advantage when it comes to attracting foreign direct investments. These investments do not need to be large, as small and medium-sized enterprises fare quite well here. With respect to the industries in which investments can be made vary from energy to IT and even the textile ones.

For example, if you are willing to invest in the textiles industry in the Netherlands, you are welcome to open from textile mills to shops in which the sale of such products can brining a very good profit within one year.

Below, our Dutch company formation agents explain the requirements related to selling textiles in this country.

Registering a company for a textile business in the Netherlands

The company registration process is the first step to open a business for selling textiles in the Netherlands. Before starting this procedure, the business owner should very carefully choose a location for the shop. Online stores are also popular for selling clothes in the Netherlands. For this, the business owner must also consider the creation of a website and registration of a suitable domain name.

Our company registration advisors in the Netherlands can assist in opening both a physical and online clothing store.

Regulations when selling textiles in the Netherlands

While there are no special licenses when selling textiles in a Dutch shop, the government here has created a legal framework in order to protect customers. Sellers must comply with the Decree on Textiles Articles which is comprised in the Commodities Law.

Even if this decree targets textile manufacturers, Dutch clothing shops selling products from other suppliers must also make sure these comply with the law. Among the requirements to respect are:

  • - making sure the label of the products is in Dutch;
  • - the label contains information on the fabric, such as composition and the name of fibers used.

These requirements are not mandatory for custom-made textile products.

For full information on selling textiles in the Netherlands and assistance in registering a company for this purpose, do not hesitate to contact our company formation representatives.


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