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Initial Coin Offering in the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 20th December 2017

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Initial-coin-offering-in-the-NetherlandsThe Netherlands is known as one of the most innovative countries in the world which is why many startups activate in the high-tech sector here. Among them are also fintech startups which develop cryptocurrency or crowdfunding platforms, two of the most successful business models in the world.

Recently, the issuance of new cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular ways of raising funds for startup companies in the Netherlands through a procedure called initial coin offering or simply ICO.

Our Dutch company formation representatives can offer more information on initial coin offering procedures applicable in this country.

What is an ICO?

Just like the initial public offering (IPO), the initial coin offering is a way of raising funds which implies trading newly-created cryptocurrencies instead of the usual stock. Compared to IPOs, Dutch ICOs do not imply professional investors or fund managers like in the case of investment funds, the offering being issued directly by the company which created the digital token or coin.

Also, initial coin offerings in the Netherlands can be submitted only by private companies.

Our company registration consultants in the Netherlands can offer more information related to the issuance of initial coin offerings.

How to set up an initial coin offering in the Netherlands

At the moment, there is no specific law providing for the creation or issuance of ICOs in the Netherlands. However, the Dutch Financial Supervisory Authority supervises very closely these types of activities.

The first step to create an ICO in the Netherlands is to register a company with the Trade Registrar. The company must be a private one. The ICO can be issued once the digital token has been created.

Usually, it is fintech and IT companies which issue ICOs with the purpose of convincing investors to purchase the newly-developed cryptocurrencies and thus gather funds for their future activities.

Foreign investors who want to open fintech companies with the purpose of issuing initial coin offerings in the Netherlands can set up their businesses in WestHolland, one of the most innovative business centers in the country.

For assistance in creating a company with the purpose of issuing an ICO, please contact our company formation agents in the Netherlands.

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