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How to Prepare the Tax Return in the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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How-to-prepare-the-tax-return-in-the-Netherlands.jpgOne of the most important aspects of paying taxes in the Netherlands is related to preparing and filing tax returns with the local authorities. Both individuals and companies are required to prepare and file tax returns in the Netherlands, however, they are subject to different requirements.

No matter if you want to prepare your tax returns as an individual or company, we offer accounting services to those in need of such services. Apart from this, our Dutch company formation agents can also help foreign investors who want to open companies here.

Types of tax returns in the Netherlands

Before starting to prepare the Dutch tax returns, it is important to know the category of the taxpayer the applicant is part of. The Dutch taxation system divides taxpayers into several categories which must file the following tax forms:

  • -          the P form must be prepared by Dutch citizens who have been employed for more than one year;
  • -          the M form must be prepared by foreigners who have migrated and obtained a Dutch residence permit in the last year;
  • -          the C form must be prepared by foreigners who have had a Dutch source of income in the last year;
  • -          the F form must be prepared by the relatives of a deceased Dutch citizen or resident;
  • -          the W form must be prepared by those who work as sole traders in the Netherlands;
  • -          the O form must be prepared by companies operating in the Netherlands.

Our company registration advisors in the Netherlands can guide company representatives in preparing the periodical and annual tax returns for their companies.

What to consider when preparing Dutch tax returns

Both individuals and companies in the Netherlands must consider the following when preparing their tax returns:

  • -          the tax authorities will send them notifications about the taxes they must pay;
  • -          the tax year in the Netherlands starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st of the same year;
  • -          taxpayers must submit their annual tax returns before May 1st of the next year for the previous year;
  • -          companies are required to file various tax returns in one year.

The tax authorities will send the notifications related to filing the returns by the end of February every year.

For more information on the taxation system or assistance in opening a company in the Netherlands, please contact us.

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