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Establish Company in the Dutch Healthcare Sector

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Establish-company-in-the-healthcare-sector-in-the-NetherlandsThe Netherlands is one of the most innovative countries with respect to the healthcare industry. One of the most renowned regions in which numerous industry-dedicated innovation clusters are set up continuously is WestHolland. The Dutch healthcare sector is represented here by some of the largest companies operating in this industry, but also by a great number of startup dedicating their work to the development of new technologies, medicines and medical equipment employed by healthcare companies.

If you are interested in investing in healthcare in the Netherlands, you can find many opportunities here. Our Dutch company formation agents can help with the company registration procedure.

How to register a healthcare business in the Netherlands

First of all, opening a company in the Dutch healthcare sector implies registering the business with the Trade Register, followed by applying for the necessary licenses to start operating. Given the development of the healthcare industry, a Dutch company can activate in one of the following related fields:

  • -          pharmaceutical;
  • -          medical;
  • -          innovation;
  • -          beauty.

For each of the field mentioned above, the requirements and the legislation is different and specific licenses are needed. You can obtain information on the laws related to the healthcare sector from our company registration consultants in the Netherlands.

Specific requirements in the Dutch healthcare industry

The first thing to consider when opening a company in the healthcare sector in the Netherlands is the sanitary requisites for the premises of the company. Various approvals and licenses must be obtained with the local and central authorities.

Among the licenses a Dutch healthcare business must obtain are:

  • -          manufacturer permits;
  • -          retail permits;
  • -          special import and export licenses for medicines or medical equipment;
  • -          marketing authorizations, in the case of medical products.

One also pay attention the qualifications of the personnel working in healthcare facilities like spas, for example.

For full information on how to establish a business in the healthcare industry, please feel free to contact us. As mentioned above, we can also assist with the Dutch company formation procedure.


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