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Establish a Sole Trader in the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 06th December 2017

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Establish-a-Sole-Trader-in-the-Netherlands.jpgThe Dutch sole trader is an excellent business solution for entrepreneurs who want to start their own small business. This business form provides a wide range of opportunities and can be used in all business fields. The owner becomes his own employer and may enter into business relations and contracts.
The sole trader in the Netherlands is called the ZZP zelfstandige zonder personnel and it must be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Our company formation agents in the Netherlands can help you complete this process and start working for your own business.

The characteristics of the Dutch sole trader

The one-man business is a preferred option for many entrepreneurs who want to pursue their own business and start with a simple business form that is easy to incorporate. While the sole trader allows for business flexibility, an important characteristic is that the founder is liable for the debts of the sole proprietorship.
Before starting a new business it is also helpful to have a complete business plan and a clear vision of the future development of the business. Sole traders can later be transformed into partnerships if two of more entrepreneurs want to share business goals or be converted into a limited liability company that provides a clear distinction between the business and the individual.
For these corporate structure changes for existing businesses you can rely on the services provided by our company formation agents.

Sole trader registration in the Netherlands

The entrepreneur also needs to make workspace arrangements. This type of company is subject to taxation in the Netherlands and it also applies to expatriates who start their own business here.
Registration with the Chamber of Commerce is mandatory for all businesses, including the ZZP. This step needs to be completed within one week after the actual business activities commence. The following documents are required for sole trader registration in the Netherlands:
- valid identification document for the individual;
- registration form;
- proof of registration fee payment.
The registration process for the ZZP is simpler than for other business types, like the corporations. However, entrepreneurs should remember that they may require additional special permits and licenses if they perform some activities. Permits for catering, transport or environment are applicable.
You can contact our company formation agents in the Netherlands for more information about the business options you have in the country.

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