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Create a Real Estate Business in the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Create-a-Real-Estate-Business-in-the-Netherlands.jpgThe Netherlands has a very stable real estate market, thus providing important investment opportunities in this sector. For example, the value of the investments carried out in the real estate sector in the first two quarters of 2017 topped the total investments registered in 2013. There’s an increasing demand of office spaces and residential sites, especially in the city of Amsterdam. In order to start the procedure of company formation in the Netherlands in this sector, the investors will need to obtain specific business permits and our team of specialists can provide consultacy services on this matter. 


Legislation on the real estate market in the Netherlands 

The Netherlands provides specific rules of law regulating the activities related to the real estate sector. Companies operating in this field of activity are required to follow the rules prescribed under the following:
Housing Act;
Building Decree (describing the technical requirements for operating on new and existing real estate projects). 

Business permits in the Netherlands 

Investors who want to start the procedure of company registration in the Netherlands must obtain special permits for such activities and most of the construction projects have to obtain a building permit
Several construction projects are exempt from obtaining a building permit but, as a general rule, it is necessary to receive one of the following permits
light permit (for minor construction projects);
regular permit (for general construction projects). 
Our team of agents in company registration in the Netherlands may provide in-depth assistance on the documents that must be submitted when requesting one of the above mentioned permits
At the moment, the demand for office spaces is estimated at 550,000 square meters, while by 2025, the local authorities announced that the urbanization project will provide new 5,000 units for residential purposes. Investors may address to our consultants in company formation in the Netherlands for further advice. 

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