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Updated on Friday 19th June 2020

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company_formation_in_amsterdam.JPGWhen planning on starting a business in the Netherlands, namely in Amsterdam, you must be aware that there are a multitude of steps you must follow in order to open a company and have legal rights to activate as a legal entity. Our agents offer company formation services in Amsterdam, as well as in other Dutch cities.

We invite you to read below about the company formation services we offer in Amsterdam.

The main services offered by our Dutch company formation agents

Amsterdam is one of the most prolific cities in the Netherlands which is why it attracted many foreign investors over the years. However, the city still remains an attraction point on the map of the country and of the entire European continent as it is one of the most important port-cities on the continent.

In order to cater to the needs of all investors interested in starting a business in the Netherlands and choosing Amsterdam to do that, we have created complete company formation packages which include:

  1. assistance and guidance in choosing a business form suited to the needs of the client;
  2. company registration services which include the preparation of the documents to be filed with the Dutch Trade Register;
  3. tax and VAT registration which is part of our accounting services package in Amsterdam;
  4. virtual office services which can be used as a registered office during the initial stage of company registration in Amsterdam;
  5. tax advice, tax minimization solutions and dedicated services related to the licenses to be obtained to operate a business.

If you are interested in other services in Amsterdam, all you need to do is discuss with our local agents.

Company Formation in Amsterdam

We offer assistance in opening a company in Amsterdam, regardless of the type of Dutch company you choose to form in this city. We can provide information and advice if you plan to open Dutch BV, known as a limited liability company in the Netherlands or a general partnership or Dutch limited partnership.  In addition, we can also support you if you plan on opening a branch or form a subsidiary company in Amsterdam or a STAK in the Netherlands.

How to register a company in Amsterdam

The company formation procedure in Amsterdam is quite easy, no matter the chosen business structure. However, most of our clients who have set up companies in Amsterdam in the last few years have preferred to let our specialists handle the incorporation procedure and move to the Netherlands when everything is in order.

Here are the main steps we complete on behalf of clients interested in company formation in Amsterdam:

  • - receiving the personal information of the clients in order to start the business registration procedure;
  • - drafting and having the incorporation documents notarized with the purpose of filing them with the Trade Register;
  • - finding a suitable address to be used as a legal address for the company (for this purpose we offer virtual office services);
  • - opening the corporate bank account for the company to deposit the share capital;
  • - filing all the documents required to register the company with the Trade Register and collecting the Certificate of Incorporation;
  • - registering the company for taxation and VAT purposes (we can also obtain an EORI number based on the VAT number).

Once these steps are completed, the client can choose to move to the Netherlands or to run the business remotely. We would like to mention that the Netherlands is one of the friendliest countries in Europe when it comes to tax benefits offered to expats moving here. We kindly invite you to discuss these benefits with our company formation agents in Amsterdam.

Assistance in opening a firm in Amsterdam

Among other company formation services, our Dutch specialists offer assistance in all the procedures required for opening a company in the Netherlands. We can assist you in drawing up the articles of association, the signatures specimen, fill in forms and documents. In addition, we can guide you with all the registration procedures, setting up a bank account and also provide accounting advice. 

As setting up a company in Amsterdam requires following specific steps, you can rest assure that all the procedures will be made accordingly and much faster than if you have done the registration by yourself. We can help you verify if the desired name of the company is available at the Chamber of Commerce and reserve it, later on open the bank account and deposit the minimum share capital, depending on the chosen type of company, as well as notarization of the company’s deed of incorporation.

We can provide a virtual office in Amsterdam

A virtual office in Amsterdam is ideal for businessmen who want to develop a business in Amsterdam, as it is a low budget investment that at the same time shows professionalism. It is the best solution for investors that already run a business outside Amsterdam and want to extend to this city as well, and therefore need to have a physical presence in Amsterdam. 

Accounting services in Amsterdam

As mentioned above, our company formation services in Amsterdam can be completed by accounting services which start with the tax registration of the business with the authorities in this city. These can extend to bookkeeping services, the preparation of the company’s monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements and their filing with the local tax office in Amsterdam. We can also handle VAT returns preparation and filings.

Foreign investors relocating to Amsterdam can also obtain guidance in filing their personal tax returns in a manner in which they can benefit from all the allowances granted by the Dutch authorities.

We also offer tax advice and minimization solutions for those setting up companies in Amsterdam. From this point of view, the Dutch BV offers some of the most interesting tax benefits.

Our Dutch company formation specialists can offer more information on the advantages of starting an LLC in Amsterdam.

Why should you choose Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands and together with Rotterdam they are the most important port cities in the European Union. Amsterdam is also one of the most developed cities in the country and has to offer plenty of opportunities to foreign investors. In numbers, Amsterdam:

  • - is one of the 3 fastest growing regions in Europe, alongside Prague and Warsaw;
  • - has an economy to grow 1.3% faster than the rest of Dutch cities;
  • - is expected to end 2019 with an economic growth of 2.8%;
  • - 2020 is also forecast as a good year, with the local economy expected to increase by 2.3%.

Tourism is one of the most important industries in Amsterdam, and most of the companies in this sector are foreign-owned accounting for 20% of the employment in the city.

Contact us in order to benefit from company formation services in Amsterdam and obtain required information about starting a business in the Netherlands.


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