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Company Formation in the Netherlands

Updated on Friday 25th November 2016

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Q:  we are Growers and exporters of Roses we want open a company in Amsterdam Holland for Agriculture product trade including flowers please advice what documents it require and minimum the expense
A:  As Holland is well-known as a destination for its international flower market, we can confirm that we have incorporated other companies in the same line of business. The requirements for this type of company are basically the same as for any other.

Q:  For setting up a dutch company we search a virtual office in the netherlands. Today we have found your website and we are interested about your conditions. It would be nice, if you can send me an actual price-list by email. First and foremost we need an adress with mail-forwarding service to start the company.
A:  Indeed we do provide virtual office solutions in Holland as well as we mail forwarding to the address of your choice. We can provide this service in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda.

Q:  Do you incorporate dutch CV? DO you also provide the GP?
A:  Yes, we do incorporate CV structures in Netherlands. Please write to us since requirements depend on certain details,

Q:  We are a service provider from the United States, and we would like to request information related to the cost for agents, of registration of an NV in Netherlands. Also the details in regard to the requirements. thanls in advance for your attention in this respect.
A:  We can definitely help for establishing a NV (which is a joint stock) however you should be aware that this type of company has certain characteristics: higher share capital, different type of Articles of Association (BY-laws) etc.

Q:  We are a legal & tax advisor and accounting firm in Europe. Recently I have a client who is interested in incorporation in the Netherlands because he is doing business in the country and it would be more profitable to do through a Dutch company. He is ready to start incorporation immediately. If you are interested either a long-term partnership or an occasional one for the above company formation I will be very glad to receive your answer.
A:  We always interested in on-going partnerships with firms anywhere in the world and we can provide special pricing conditions for your clients.

Q:  I am interested in buy a shelf company, pls advise costs and conditions.
A:  We do have shelf companies available in Netherlands (and also in some other jurisdictions); please contact us for a list of available companies. There are no special conditions for purchasing a Dutch company other than the ones listed on our website: http://www.companyformationnetherlands.com/buying-a-ready-made-company-in-netherlands

Q:  I want to have a company in Netherlands to trade food stuff and clothing for wholesale , Now I have request to let me know how long will take times for register a company and also with resident visa how much I have to pay? And at the end how much is taxes in Netherlands .
A:  You can incorporate a Dutch company no matter of your nationality. There are certain conditions to become Dutch resident but we can help you. For more info please see www.immigration-netherlands.com For taxes please check our website http://www.dutch-accountants.com. Please send an email for more details.


Table of contents


1. Can a non-resident person start a company in the Netherlands?

2. Does the company have to be based in Holland?



1. Can a non-resident start a company in the Netherlands?
Yes, foreign citizens are allowed to register companies in the Netherlands
2. Does the company have to be based in Holland?
Yes, the company must have a registered address in the Netherlands, but foreign companies can set up branch or representative offices in the country.
3. What types of companies can I open in the Netherlands?
If you want to open a company in Holland you can choose from the following entities: private limited liability companies, public companies, general and limited partnerships, foundations, associations and cooperatives.
4. What is the minimum share capital in the Netherlands?
There is no minimum share capital for opening Dutch limited liability companies. If you want to register a public company you will be required to deposit a 45,000 euros share capital.
5. How fast can I incorporate a company in the Netherlands?
Company registration in the Netherlands can be completed in a few days.
6. What are the basic steps for company incorporation in the Netherlands?
The following steps must be completed in order to register a company in the Netherland: business name reservation, submitting the Memorandum and Articles of Association and registration with the tax authorities and social security authorities.
7. What are the documents needed for company incorporation in Holland?
The most important documents to open a company in Holland are the Memorandum and Articles of Association .
8. How can I establish my brand or trademark in Holland?
Usually, in these cases, the first step is to register a Dutch company first then register your trademark locally. In some cases, you can register your brand in Holland without forming a company.
9. Can we activate as international alcohol trading within EU and worldwide through a Dutch company?
Yes, you can. There are numerous investors setting up companies in Holland in order to trade internationally. It is advised to set up these structures in Holland for a number of factors (we can offer more details via phone or email).









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