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Company Formation in Breda

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Company-Formation-in-Breda.jpgBreda benefits from a strategic position suitable for business purposes, as it is situated between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, also being the gateway to another important Dutch location, Brabant, which is known as the logistics hub of the country. Investors interested in opening a company in the Netherlands can start their operations in Breda in the fields of trade or distribution, which are top economic sectors in the region. Our team of specialists in company formation in the Netherlands can assist with in-depth information on how to set up a business here. 

Foreign companies in Breda

The local authorities have created over the years numerous conditions to further develop the business activities carried out here. Numerous international companies have decided to start the company registration in the Netherlands in the city of Breda and, at the moment, the local market is best represented by companies originating from the following:
United States of America;
It is important to know that Breda has more American companies than any other Dutch region.  

Reasons to start a company in Breda 

Foreign companies are interested in setting their operations here due to a set of factors, such as: 
labor market
Our team of agents in company formation in the Netherlands can provide in-depth information on the main procedures that have to be followed by foreign entities when establishing a business in Breda
Investors may contact our consultants for further information on the tax advantages available for foreign companies in Breda, as well as on other corporate matters.  

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