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Updated on Monday 28th November 2016

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Q:  We are interesting to register a private limited (BV) company in the Netherlands, the requirement I read from your website it said no nationality for shareholders. What is minimum capital? As we have company registered in Hong Kong, do you think we better to register a company individually or set up a brach is better ? What about branch requirements on the share capital and shareholders? Meantime how many shareholders is need and what is the processing time since we applying registration? How long it will be take? Do I need to show myself to sign a registration form or interview with authorities? Do I need come over to open a bank account when registration has been done? When? Do we need rent office and recruit staff or we can register a company in address as paper company does.? Is there any special requirement to a logistics company if register in the Netherlands? What about company tax to the business if we issue invoice from this registered company to our clients and receive money from clients also disburse the contractor invoice. It means we will have no staff to run the business in the Netherlands but we prefer to use agent to handle of our business I/O we recruit staff.
A:  Minimum share capital for a BV is now 1 EUR. A branch of a a Hong-kong company can definitely be established. The rest of your questions do require personalized advice therefore we will need you to supply more exact information on how you intend to run your business. Only afterwards we can supply more exact info.

Q:  hi- i am trying to set up in the Netherlands with a virtual office where he is able to video-conference on occasion. please let me know if you offer this service and if so do you charge monthlyor per call?
A:  Thanks for your request. Indeed we can supply remote offices, mail forwarding and related servcies. For most services this is a monthly cost. For exact figures please contact us.

Q:  We are in process of setting up a branch in netherlands for our company and require a virtual office to satisfy requirements for the dutch chamber of commerce.
A:  Indeed we can supply all requirements for local substance: local office, company secretary/director, accounting etc. Costs for a registered office depend on a number of factors (local phone, address, mail forwardingem). Please email your requirements to us and we shall provide fixed fee for each service.

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1. Do I need special permits and licenses in Holland?

2. How can I open a bank account in Holland?




1. Do I need special permits and licenses in Holland?

Depending on the activity you company will conduct special licenses or permits could be required.


2. How can I open a bank account in Holland?

As a foreign citizen you will be required to submit your passport, a valid residence permit and an utility bill as proof of residence when opening a bank account in Holland. Some banks could also require proof of employment and a Social Fiscal Identification number.

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