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Dutch Construction Companies Report 6.3% Turnover Increase at the End of July


The high number of foreign citizens and companies relocating to the Netherlands has encouraged local companies to build more residential and commercial properties in the last few years, according to the Dutch National Statistics Office (CBS). This second quarter of this year brought a 6.3% increase in the turnover reported by construction companies, however the sector has been expanding for three consecutive years. If you are interested in setting up a business in the construction industry, our Dutch company formation advisors can help you.

Eindhoven, One of the Most Productive Dutch Cities in 2016


Not only large cities are thriving in the Netherlands, as equal development opportunities can be found in smaller Dutch cities. One of the best examples of success is Eindhoven which registered a faster-growing economy than the economies of four large cities. Foreign investors who want to set up companies in any city of the country can receive assistance from our Dutch company formation consultants.

The Number of Dutch Fast-Growing Companies Rose in 2016


The Dutch economy is booming, according to the National Statistics Office (CBS), which announced the number of fast-growing companies has risen significantly last year. The report shows 7,300 Dutch companies registered a significant growth over a period of 3 years. Most of these companies operate in the hospitality and construction sectors. Our Dutch company formation agents can assist foreign investors interested in starting a business in this country.

Amsterdam Ranked 4th in the Savills Investment Management's Index


The Netherlands is one of the European countries to occupy top positions in various studies or surveys. This time Amsterdam is among the most dynamic cities in Europe, according to the Savills Investment Management’s index. Among the factors which brought Amsterdam of the 4th position in the index is its high score as commercial and financial center. Our Dutch company formation consultants can assist foreign investors who want to start a business in Amsterdam.

Dutch Retail Industry Grew by Nearly 5% in the First Quarter of 2017


Many young enterprisers from EU countries move to the Netherlands in order to start their own businesses here. They are encouraged by the government to open startup companies in the Netherlands in many industries, yet during the first quarter of 2017 it was retail that stood up among the other prolific sectors of the economy. Our Dutch company formation consultants can assist investors who want to open various types of stores in this country.

The Netherlands Occupies 5th Position in the 2017 World Competitiveness Ranking


The Netherlands has made back to the top 5 most competitive countries in the world, after the 8th position occupied last year. The Netherland has made a strong economic recovery based on business and government efficiency which has helped it to recover its place among the most competitive economies worldwide. Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the country can request the company formation services offered by our Dutch advisors.

Dutch Construction Sector Rose by 5.5% in the First Quarter of 2017


The Netherlands has various economic sectors performing well at this point, however the construction industry stands out after the good results registered during the first quarter of the year. Recent reports released by the National Statistics Office (CBS) show a 5.5% increase on a year-to-year basis during the first quarter of 2017. Foreign investors interested in exploring investment opportunities in the construction industry can rely on our Dutch company formation services if they want to open companies here.

Research and Development Could Increase Foreign Investors' Interest for the Netherlands


Even if the Netherlands tops the European rankings in terms of international trading, a recent report issued by the Dutch Trade and Investment Board (DTIB) announces the country should improve the taxation system which will allow it to maintain its position. Even so, Amsterdam remains one of the most attractive cities in terms of foreign talent. Our company registration agents in the Netherlands can assist foreign investors interested in starting a business in this country.

The Netherlands Registers 2.9 Billion Euros Surplus to the Budget


After several years in a row in which the Dutch economy had a budget deficit, 2016 was the year in which this deficit turned into a surplus. And quite a good one: 2016 brought a surplus of 2.9 billion euros to the Netherlands’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This comes after the 2.2% economic growth registered by the country last year. Our company formation agents in the Netherlands can offer information on the investment opportunities available this year in the country.

Dutch Economy to Grow by 2% in 2017


When releasing the winter predictions for the whole EU economy, the European Commission (EC) also released forecasts for each country in particular and according to that report, the Netherlands is set to grow this year. Another recent report announces a 2% economic increase for this year in the Netherlands. Foreign investors interested in starting a business in this country can receive assistance from our Dutch company formation consultants.

Amsterdam Is the Most Attractive Dutch City for Foreign Investors


Amsterdam remained one of the most appealing cities in Europe in terms of attractiveness for foreign companies seeking to open an office in the EU. Moreover, in 2016 the Dutch city registered a new record increase, as 157 companies have set up offices here. The Metropolitan Area remained one of the most desired part of the city for opening a company in. Our Dutch company formation agents can assist foreign investors who want to establish offices in Amsterdam or other large cities.

The Dutch Trading Industry Relies on Innovation


The Netherlands is known as a “trading nation” since the 17th century when ports like Amsterdam and Rotterdam where among the largest in the world. Nowadays, the Netherlands is one of the largest exporters in the world, its economy relying heavily on the trading companies. Foreign investors interested in starting an import/export business, can receive assistance from our Dutch company formation agents.

What Makes the Netherlands a Great Global Economy?


The Netherlands has one of the most developed and complex economies in the European Union, which is why it attracts a great number of foreign investors on an annual basis. Among the most important reasons to invest in the Netherlands are the business climate which favors the opening of a company, but also the labor force which is one of the most competitive in Europe. Below, we invite you to discover five other reasons why the Netherlands is one of the greatest economies in Europe and in the world.

The Netherlands Supports Innovative Companies


The Netherlands is known for its developed innovation sector and the skilled workforce in the same domain. However, the government never stopped to support innovative companies and last year brought the creation of a new fund which will help this type of businesses to set up shops abroad. The fund is available for both startups and well-established ones. Our Dutch company formation consultants can assist foreign investors interested in opening companies in the research and development industry.


The Netherlands Retains First Place in the Global Connectedness Index


The Netherlands has one of the most performant infrastructures in the world which has brought it the first place for the fourth consecutive year in the Global Connectedness Index (GCI) in 2016. Last year, the Netherlands surpassed Singapore and Ireland in the report. If you want to open a company in the Netherlands and need assistance, you can rely on our company registration agents.

The Netherlands Could Reduce the Corporate Tax


The Netherlands is one of the most competitive countries in Europe when it comes to facilities offered to foreign investors opening companies here, however there is always room for improvement. Not long ago, the Government announced a gradual reduction in the corporate tax for companies in the Netherlands. If you want to open a company in this country, our Dutch company formation agents can assist you.

The Dutch Economy Is Expanding


The Dutch economy is doing very well, according to statistics in various sectors. The best news come from the National Statistics Office which has issued two reports on the falling of the unemployment rate and on the rise of exports. The consumer confidence index also rose in the month of September, which is good news for Dutch retail companies. This shows now it’s a good time to open a company in the Netherlands.


Why Invest in Agriculture in the Netherlands?


Agriculture seems to be a top investment industry all over the world thanks to the innovative technology it employs nowadays. The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to the future of agriculture due to innovation. Our company formation agents in the Netherlands can assist foreign investors interested in opening an agricultural business in this country. Also, below you will find the main reasons it is worth investing in the Dutch agricultural industry.

Why Relocate Your Company in the Netherlands after Brexit?


While the true long-term impact of the Brexit cannot be forecasted, foreign investors are already taking the first steps towards moving their businesses to EU countries. Large companies have already announced that they plan on moving their headquarters from the United Kingdom. Located close to London, the Netherlands is a good choice to relocate a company after the Brexit.

The Opportunity to Open a Company in the Netherlands after the Brexit


The investors who consider that their business may be affected by Brexit are invited to take part in an event where they will find out about the opportunities of setting up a company in a business-friendly jurisdiction – the Netherlands. The event will take place in Amsterdam, between 27-29th of July, and it is organized by our partners in the Netherlands, INCO Business Group. The participants will discover the main reasons for opening a business in this country, details about the incorporation procedure, taxation, immigration regulations, accounting and all they need to know in order to start a business in Holland. 

Netherlands-Switzerland Double Tax Agreement Clarifications


The Netherlands and Switzerland have concluded a new agreement that serves as a clarification document for the tax treatment of some collective investment vehicles in either jurisdiction, under the provisions of the double tax treaty that is in force between them. This bilateral agreement provides a number of tax advantages and reductions for investors and individuals who derive income from both countries.

The Number of Foreign Investments in the Netherlands Rose by 47%

The total number of projects financed by foreign companies in the Netherlands rose by 47% in 2015 compared to 2014, according to a research performed by the experts at EY. The 2015 Dutch Business Climate Barometer issued by EY indicates that the country benefited from a large number of foreign direct investments last year, the largest recorded value over the last five years.

Lower Unemployment Rates in the Netherlands

The total long-term unemployment rate has fallen in the Netherlands, particularly in certain age groups. The total number of unemployed individuals, both short-term and long-term, has fallen compared to last year. This trend has been observed starting with the second quarter of 2014 and it is a good indicator that the country’s economy is recovering.

Netherlands, a Circular Economy Hotspot


Circular economy focuses on the possibilities of reducing waste and production, at the same time using a restorative and regenerative design. The Netherlands has always been an innovative country and one that has encouraged entrepreneurship and new business solutions. The country has not only become one of the leading countries in water and waste management but it is also a business hub. Dutch companies have started implementing the principles of circular economy and a new campaign aims at making the country a new circular economy hotspot in Europe.

The Dutch Housing Market Continues to Increase


The Dutch housing market continues its positive increase, with prices up by 5.5 percent on a national level. The biggest increase is in Amsterdam, with prices seeing an increase as large as 20 percent. The increase was calculated for the first three months of 2016 and it indicates that the recovery is not only present in important cities. Foreign investors in the Netherlands can look towards real estate investments outside the cities, due to this positive trend.


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