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Updated on Monday 03rd August 2015

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dutch_company_register.jpg1.       What is the Dutch Trade Register?

The Dutch Company Register offers information about all the legal persons registered in the Netherlands and it contains several identification details for each company established: the size of the company, how many employees are hired, the company’s official address / headquarter, essential information about the company’s shareholders, managers, directors, administrators (for example name, ID, address) and other relevant information about the company’s activity.  

The Chamber of Commerce manages the activity of the Dutch Company Register and has the main purpose of conducting the company and its managing board in accordance with the Dutch laws and regulations in the field. The Trade Register can also provide information about the competitors and it is frequently used for market research, as it can offer relevant information about transactions and other activities of all companies.

2.       How can a company register with the Dutch Trade Register?

The procedure of registration with the Dutch Trade Register is mandatory for almost all types of businesses established in Netherlands and can be accomplished either by the company’s shareholders, owner, managing partners or even by another authorized person (on the basis of a power of attorney) to carry on the registration procedure. In order to start the registration procedure, an application must be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce in the in the area where the company is located.

The company’s founders must be aware that any changes made in the company must be notified to the Trade Register, either by electronically means, either in person.

3.       How can I have access to the Dutch Trade Register?

The access to the database provided by the Dutch Trade Register can be obtained after applying for a code of access. A password is provided after paying a fee, either online, either in person at the Dutch Trade Register’s office.

After the account is generated, full information about all the companies registered in Netherlands are available. The user can search information in the Trade Register by the business name or registration number or company’s address and can find out relevant information about the competitors, which are useful in market research, company position or other related studies for investments.

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  • Herb Wang 2014-12-03

    Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to set up a Dutch BV company. And I am seeking local help - 1. For registration, do I have to travel to Netherland to start the process? 2. For setting up bank account, do I have to be there in person? 3. If I hire your service to set this up, how much is the service fee? 4. If I get virtual office service, and tax service, how much is the annual cost for each service? Thanks in advance! Regards, Herb

  • Bridgewest 2014-12-03

    Hello Herb, you can send us your request in an e-mail at and one of our specialists in company formation will answer you as soon as possible.

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